Is There a Wine Thief on the Loose?

Picture this: you log into IMustEat and order dinner from your favorite restaurant. You stop and pick up your meal and as you drive home, you imagine how delicious dinner is going to be, especially with that nice bottle of white wine you have waiting in your refrigerator.

Then it happens. You carry your dinner into the house, lay it all out on the table, and open up the fridge only to discover that the wine is gone! Your wife/husband/sister/roommate etc. has drank it down to the last ice-cold drop.

There is a solution. For about $26 plus shipping and handling, the Combination Bottle Lock can prevent these types of transgressions from happening in your house ever again.

This wonderful gadget fits snugly on the top of your favorite vino, and comes equipped with a four number combination so you can keep it safe from all sorts of natural wine predators such as loved ones, neighbors, and other folks who all agree that you have great taste in wine.

Lock it into place, set the combination, and go to work in the morning knowing that your wine will be waiting for you tonight when you get home with dinner.