You Must Have This App

In the spirit of food junkies everywhere, we recognize that not all of your meals will be within the confines of the mileage provided by our website. In fact, with summer comes vacations and with vacations come (drum roll, please) new adventures in food.

Here is where a pretty fabulous app for travelers comes in handy. Triposo is designed for folks who are exploring foreign lands.  In fact, it has up-to-date information for 15,000 destinations in 200 countries worldwide.

Location, time, weather, and personal preferences are considered when providing recommendations for the user. Type in your destination and you are able to learn about the culture and the history of your destination, its currency, and language spoken. You can even book a tour, find hotels, and figure out the best spots for good local grub. Triposo will also tell you about museums, shopping, other activities including the best beaches. Even pharmacies are included for emergencies.

Curious?  Check out this list of countries, click on one, and get started. For example, we selected France, known for its excellent cuisine.  In addition to top destinations, there is information about almost every category you can dream up and many that you probably never would. Select a city, in this case we selected Paris, and you are provided top recommendations from fellow travelers. 

If you must eat in Paris, check out L’Entrecôte, which specializes in the contre-filet cut of sirloin.

If you are looking for more than what the guide books tell you about, download Triposo now. In their words: “At Triposo we believe that getting lost will set you free—as long as you have Triposo to help you get back home.”