Why is it that things just taste better in a pita? That folded over pocket of flatbread dough has questionable origins but packs a big punch, and at PitaPit, we get it. 

Perhaps you are a Chicken Caesar kind of person. If togas are your thing, you’re drooling over romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, grilled chicken, and crisp bacon folded up “strongly” in a toasted wrap fit for an Olympian. This one is sure to bring in a gold medal in pitas.

Maybe the Club is where you’re comfortable: ham, turkey, and bacon. A little of this and a little of that. No membership dues here, just your classic pita stuffed with fixings that impress even the most finicky of patrons.

The gyro wrap: no matter how you pronounce it, your taste buds will be thanking you after the first mouth-watering bite. “Gee-roh” or “Yee-roh,” we get it, and you will not be disappointed by what we have to offer.

Have a little one? We also have kid-sized pitas, complete with all of the toppings that are sure to have your whippersnapper saying, “More, please.”

PitaPit has you covered for all things wrapped. We even help you out with our nutritional facts if you are watching your figure.

What happens at PitaPit stays at PitaPit. You must eat this!